Agile Leadership Podcast

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I am excited to announce the new Agile Leadership Podcast with myself and Michael Sahota talking about Agile Leadership and the challenges that organizations face and ways to overcome them.

Many companies begin using Agile to increase their speed to market and with the goal of delivering more value in a more effective way, however have experienced many challenges applying Agile across the organization.

In this Podcast, we discuss the challenges that organizations face and patterns for empowering organizational effectiveness.

Agile Leadership Podcast with Maria Matarelli and Michael Sahota

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If you would like to learn more about this topic, we have another Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) course coming up in Chicago on June 5-6 with a few seats still available!

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Press Release: Announcing the Agile Marketing Academy Expanding Agile Outside of IT

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“After discovering the benefits of Agile and helping organizations get to market as much as 80% faster than other organizations around them, our team began looking for other applications of Agile outside of IT.” – Maria Matarelli

Read the full Press Release here:

See an excerpt below:

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Organizational Agility

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Many companies are looking at ways to scale their Agile practice and apply Agile throughout their organization. We want high performing teams, to increase our speed to market and embrace innovation while exploring new opportunities. We want to find the path for true Organizational Agility.

Join Maria Matarelli and Olivier Lazar discussing the importance of organizational agility, including the importance of having a clear vision, organizational alignment, shared accountability for success, and the right mindset, environment, and culture.

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Our Case Study Program Yielded Over 300% Increase in Sales

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Dramatic Sales Results with Agile Marketing!

Agile has yielded incredible results in product development for years. We have discovered a unique application that most companies haven’t tried – and that is applying Agile to Marketing to rapidly increase sales!

It’s incredible how often companies miss their target audience, do not truly connect to their needs, and are not building the right relationship with their client base. Simply put, Agile Marketing takes the best of what we know works in product development and applies it to the part of the business that connects with customers to make the purchase. 

At the Agile Marketing Academy, we identified a select number of companies across different industries and continue to build out case studies on how effective Agile Marketing is when applied to any business that solves a specific need. We developed the Agile Marketing approach to bring together industry best practices we have seen our clients achieve with short cycles, iterative feedback loops, and the ability to adapt.

We have captured the best practices through this case study program and brought them together for others to replicate these incredible results. So many people are discussing how to apply Agile Marketing to their business or for their clients to see similar growth. The numbers simply do not lie, and converting engaged individuals into happy customers is positive thing.

Learn more at:

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Agile Marketing – Discovering What Targeting Can Do With Our Clients

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Build a Better Client Base with an Agile Approach

Imagine attracting customers to you instead of chasing them down. 

That is what we dreamed of when beginning on the quest that developed into Agile Marketing Academy. Wanting to start at the point of educating the potential customer, Agile Marketing allows you to craft the perfect message to market match for long-lasting success. 

Three things to think about when beginning this new way of approaching marketing:

a) Who are ideal customers?
b) What are their main problems?
c) Why are these problems a pain point?

It’s not enough to be vague in your messaging. 

After dreaming big about attracting our best customers and clients to us through an inbound marketing approach, the real “a-ha!” moment for us was when we saw one of our clients get a 780% increase in sales after eliminating more than 90% of their paid advertising.

It’s important to think through your ideal customer’s demographics, location, behaviors, and interests. Where are they? Where do they hang out? What would get their attention? 

Identify your ideal customer. Learn what they want, and make the connection to why they can’t live without your product or service. 

Find out more details at

Tampa Growth Hacking in April

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I love working with entrepreneurs and helping them discover ways to rapidly develop their business. After holding the Rapid Business Development Summit in Chicago, I realized that most entrepreneurs need help really getting momentum, getting steady cash-flow as a foundation so they can begin to build a sustainable business. I crafted this presentation to address the first part of the Growth Hacking Formula – Racing to the Next Dollar.

Maria Matarelli Presentation in Tampa

Maria Matarelli Presentation in Tampa Crowd

We also sponsored the event, holding strategy sessions with entrepreneurs throughout the weekend.

Formula Ink Booth_Tampa

Just a great group that put on this event!

Maria Team Tampa1

We were really excited to be a part of it!

Maria Team Tampa2