Press Release: Announcing the Agile Marketing Academy Expanding Agile Outside of IT

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“After discovering the benefits of Agile and helping organizations get to market as much as 80% faster than other organizations around them, our team began looking for other applications of Agile outside of IT.” – Maria Matarelli

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Agile Marketing – Discovering What Targeting Can Do With Our Clients

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Build a Better Client Base with an Agile Approach

Imagine attracting customers to you instead of chasing them down. 

That is what we dreamed of when beginning on the quest that developed into Agile Marketing Academy. Wanting to start at the point of educating the potential customer, Agile Marketing allows you to craft the perfect message to market match for long-lasting success. 

Three things to think about when beginning this new way of approaching marketing:

a) Who are ideal customers?
b) What are their main problems?
c) Why are these problems a pain point?

It’s not enough to be vague in your messaging. 

After dreaming big about attracting our best customers and clients to us through an inbound marketing approach, the real “a-ha!” moment for us was when we saw one of our clients get a 780% increase in sales after eliminating more than 90% of their paid advertising.

It’s important to think through your ideal customer’s demographics, location, behaviors, and interests. Where are they? Where do they hang out? What would get their attention? 

Identify your ideal customer. Learn what they want, and make the connection to why they can’t live without your product or service. 

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Announcing the Agile Marketing Academy!

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It has been really exciting to see the benefits and incredible results of Agile applied to Marketing! While applying Agile frequently in the IT and Software Development arenas, it has been exciting to explore more applications of Agile outside of IT.
After seeing great results with clients using Agile in their Marketing efforts, we launched a case study program to pull together the best practices we have seen over the last few years. We have an online program designed specifically for entrepreneurs and a 2 day in-person training course for larger organizations.
Discover more on how you can leverage Agile outside of IT, aligning other areas of the business with common language and terminology. Learn how to begin applying Agile to Marketing at your organization.
After pulling together the best practices of Agile applied to Marketing, we are excited to announce the launch of the Agile Marketing Academy!
Agile Marketing Academy Website Launch