Boardroom on the Beach

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When I left Chicago, I began traveling the world on one-way tickets and I ended up in Florida for a bit, escaping the bitter cold weather and as I looked around at different groups in the area for ways to meet other entrepreneurs and business owners, I decided to create my own consulting group… a business consulting group… on the beach called Boardroom on the Beach.

The idea behind this group is to provide a place for leaders to go when they need support, motivation, or to be inspired. When you’re supposed to be the fearless leader and have all the answers, where do you go to get your ideas and find the strength to lead. Come to our boardroom where we provide cutting edge strategies and specific techniques to help business owners and entrepreneurs get to the next level.

We meet on Clearwater Beach and share strategies and specific tactics for entrepreneurs and business owners to excel. We also created a spin off group and began meeting at a log cabin in Orlando, creating the group Boardroom At The Cabin.

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