Leadership Agility

Explore essential keys to leadership and elements for increasing your ability to positively influence others in pursuit of a common vision applying lessons learned from around the world and across a blend of cultures. Discover specific ways to enhance your leadership and better manage your workflow. From leadership development to project initiatives, you will discover ways to enhance your “now” to get you to “there”.

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Figuring out the Work Life Puzzle

Have you ever wondered how to balance the captivity of work while grasping at fulfillment and actually living your life? Whether you’re climbing an Everest, stuck in a never-ending hamster wheel, or on a merry go round that isn’t slowing down, learn how to regain control of your schedule while everything around us seems to be speeding up. We’ll explore the boundaries of work and life, while taking a deeper look at company engagement models. Map out your context and discover how to navigate this puzzle by learning ways to reduce stress and restore harmony. Broaden your perspective then narrow your focus as we discuss key elements for figuring out the work life puzzle.

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Uncovering Possibilities

Find inspiration to dare to think beyond your current status quo, discover new capabilities and look at ways to step forward and uncover new possibilities. We’ll explore limits, company engagement models, and projects for social good. As you continue to strive for excellence, discover how to make a greater impact in your career, in your outreach, and in your community.

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Ineffective Leadership

Learn 3 keys to ineffective leadership. With these techniques, you can be sure to bring out poor performance from those around you. In this juxtaposed presentation, Maria Matarelli talks about what not to do and why it is so important to be an inspirational leader rather than an ineffective leader.

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Understanding Agile

Gain an understanding of the Agile values and principles and explore the differences between traditional Project Management and Agile. Learn the benefits of applying Agile techniques and discuss key elements for fostering an Agile environment. This presentation on Understanding Agile will provide an overview of Agile and cover the foundational level concepts. This session would be great for individuals not familiar with Agile methodologies.

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Agile Applied

Discover ways to leverage Agile techniques in your daily environment as we focus on applying Agile. We’ll share a case study of an Agile project that resulted in increased speed to market by more than 80%. We’ll also discuss distributed team facilitation and overcoming challenges. Learn techniques to cut through extra process and get results. Participate and gain exposure to a visual collaboration exercise for the purpose of brainstorming the introduction and adoption of Agile in your environment.

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Agile Leadership

Explore the Agile mindset and values for a leader in an Agile environment and discover the manager’s role in Agile. We’ll discuss essential elements for setting teams up for success and review the differences between a traditional management style and a masterly management approach. This presentation on Agile Leadership is great for managers or anyone in leadership positions as there is a focus on the manager’s role in Agile and also leadership styles in Agile.

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Experiencing Agile

Discover the benefits of Agile and learn by doing in an Agile project simulation. Learn techniques to cut through extra process and get results. Whether you are adopting Agile, assisting your organization in change and leadership alignment, or a Project Manager that simply knows evolution is the key to the complete Project Manager, Agile skills and experience is the next step. Learn key elements for increasing your speed to market, experience the benefits in a project simulation, and discover Agile techniques that you can begin to immediately apply in your work environment.

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Technical Debt for the Non-Technical

Demystify challenges in continuous software development by learning the importance of addressing Technical Debt. Leave with a new perspective and fresh ideas on how to explain it to others, even the non-technical. Hear real world examples and situations to relate the jargon filled technical world of software development to everyday life using Technical Debt as a metaphor referring to the eventual consequences of poor or evolving software architecture and software development. Understand short term and long-term impacts of uncompleted changes within a codebase, and most importantly, learn techniques on how to address it.

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Customer Who?

What does working with customers mean when you have an Agile team delivering to multiple customers and end users. Explore what level of interaction is needed between development teams, sales teams and customers. Discover techniques for getting full circle feedback from the customers to the development team. Hear a story of what happens when we built a product without including our customers. (and avoid $millions in rework) Explore how to handle feedback when you do hear from your customers when you receive feedback that shocks and awes. Ensure you’re delivering what your customers value.

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Breaking Down the Silos – Collaboration Techniques for Teams

Discover collaborative techniques for breaking down the silos in how your teams work together. Walk away from this workshop with tools and techniques you can introduce to your project teams immediately to encourage more collaboration and cross team communication. Apply the concepts for increasing team interaction by creating a visual collaboration tool through an experiential workshop segment in this session.

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Motivating and Engaging Teams

Discover ways to increase your effectiveness and reduce conflict by understanding the premises of Relationship Awareness Theory. In this session, we’ll discuss universal motivation, intention and behavior while exploring how motivation changes in conflict and the impact of conflict triggers. Learn how motivation and values influence behavior and gain insights into how you can improve relationships and manage conflict — personally, professionally, and socially.

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Social Media as an Organization

Gain an understanding of why social media is so important for your chapter to leverage and review commonly used social media platforms. Uncover the two most essential elements of using social media. See applied examples of a chapter’s use of social media along with social media policies and strategies. This session will conclude with workshop format breakout sessions to review what your chapter currently has in place and set achievable goals for how to take your chapter’s social media to the next level.

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Social Media for Business Professionals

Gain an understanding of why social media is so important for you to leverage as a business professional and discover the benefits of connecting online. Review commonly used social media platforms and uncover the two most essential elements of using social media. Learn how to leverage social media to benefit your organization and also build your own personal brand. Explore risks of using social media, ways to mitigate them and discover resources that can help you stay connected.

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Rapid Business Development

Learn how to grow your business in today’s rapid ever-changing environment. Uncover the strategies that we used to consult an organization in getting to market 80% faster than more than 50 other organizations just like them. Discover the approach that we used to consult an organization to save more than $1.5 Million each year. Learn how applying streamlined workflow techniques enabled a start up company to earn more than $200,000 in revenue after just a few months in business. Walk away with specific techniques that you can begin implementing in your business today to get rapid business results.

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Hire Maria To Speak!

Maria Matarelli is an International Business Consultant and Trainer, Certified Professional Coach, and a contributing author in the Business Leaders Book Series: Lessons Learned from the Recession, 101 Great Ways to Compete in Today’s Job Market, Success: Tales from the Front and her most recent publication, Workaholic? A 12-Step Guide to Having a Life and Getting Things Done.

Maria consults Fortune 100 companies, working with management teams, executive teams and individual project teams on project management methodologies, process improvements, and organizational change and she consults start up companies on rapid business development. Maria travels to consult organizations and speak at industry conferences with recent locations including Chicago, New York, Hawaii, Istanbul, Vancouver, Sweden, and Morocco.

Maria has achieved more than 10 industry certifications, held leadership positions with several Not for Profit groups,and is dedicated to bridging the gap from traditional Project Management and helping teams see the benefits of using Agile.Maria is passionate about working with people and organizations to inspire agility.

Maria is the Founder and President of the Illinois Regional Agile Users Group (IRAUG), an organization dedicated to serving the community and providing learning opportunities in Agile Project Management practices. Maria was an Area Governor for Toastmasters International, District 30 in Chicago, IL, and as President of Extreme Toastmasters, she led the group in attracting, producing, and developing elite speakers in a comfortable, supportive and mentoring environment. Maria held the seat of VP of Operations for the Project Management Institute (PMI) Central Illinois Chapter for two years, is Chapter Engagement Representative for the PMI Agile Community of Practice, and completed the PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class.

Maria is a Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Six Sigma Green Belt (6SGB), Innovation Games® Trained Facilitator (IGTF), 16PF Certified, and Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Certified Instructor.


"Maria has numerous strengths, but none stronger than her skills in managing complex projects and building and maintaining client relationships. She thoroughly understands all aspects of the business from business development through service delivery. She is extremely intelligent, has outstanding interpersonal skills, and is a true leader. As a result, she is highly skilled at developing high performing internal organizations as well as long term, mutually beneficial client relationships. She is committed to project management excellence and is engaged in PMI at both the chapter and Regional level. Maria is organized, an effective communicator, a problem solver, and detail oriented but also able to take a big picture, strategic view."

− Austin Browning, Past President at PMI Central Illinois Chapter

"Maria did an excellent job leading our 4 day agile workshop walking the participants through the workshop actually using agile techniques. Her knowledge as an instructor provided great value. Maria provided a very interactive approach which was refreshing and informative. 

I would highly recommend Maria to speak or provide training at your next event."

− David Steinhilber, President at Stonebuilder Consulting

"Maria was a presenter at the PMI Region 2 meeting that my Chapter recently hosted. Maria was very well received by the audience, scoring very highly on our post-event survey. Maria provided great takeaways that participants were able to use to immediately see results. Great job!"

− Mary Price, PMP, Project Manager at PayPal

"Maria was our closing Keynote Speaker at the 2013 Women Working in Technology Conference. She was able to grab the attention of the audience 
with her engaging presentation style. She shared specific takeaways and techniques that audience members could immediately apply to their lives and their jobs. She got excellent feedback from the attendees. I highly recommend Maria as a Keynote speaker for your event."

− Kirsten Smith, Associate Director at Center for Information and Communication Sciences, Ball State University

"What impressed me about Maria was her ability to grab the attention of the entire audience and keep it focused on what she was saying/training."

− Arnab Talukdar, Presentation Attendee

"She does a great job of setting a mission and vision and defining goals to meet. Maria is the type to not settle for the status quo, she pushes beyond what is done today to find new opportunities to improve PMI and the Project Management Profession."

− JoAnne Guennewig, Past President, PMI Chicagoland

"Her presentation style inspires me every time - whether it is leading a training session or facilitating workshops. She comes up with real life examples to simplify complex topics. I find her techniques of maximizing the use of white board for illustration very effective."

− Prasanth Nair, Presentation Attendee

Previous & Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Agile Tour Bangkok – Bangkok, Thailand – 11/17/17
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Scrum Day Portugal – Lisbon, Portugal – 10/2/17 – 10/3/17
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION –  Agile Bangkok – Bangkok, Thailand – 7/25/17
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Global Scrum Gathering – Singapore – 7/17/17 – 7/19/17
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Inspire Global Event – Dunedin, New Zealand – 5/4/17
  • Global Scrum Gathering – San Diego, CA – 4/10/17 – 4/12/17
  • Agile Marketing Cruise, Caribbean Cruise Ship – 1/15/17 – 1/22/17
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Women in Agile, Agile Tour 2016 Hyderabad, India – 12/18/16
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Entrepreneur Event – Tampa, FL – 10/27/16 – 10/30/16
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Scrum Day Portugal – 10/11/16 – 10/12/16
  • Agile Singapore, Singapore – 10/6/16 – 10/7/16
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Heart of Agile Conference – Philadelphia, PA – 5/23/16 – 5/24/16
  • Agile Marketing Workshop, Scaling Agile Meetup, Chicago, IL – May 2016
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Scrum Gathering – Orlando, FL – 4/18/16 – 4/20/16
  • Agile for Boy Scouts – Chicago, IL – 1/16/16 – 1/17/16
  • Agile Marketing – Tampa Marketers Cruise, Caribbean Cruise Ship – 10/21/15 – 10/26/15
  • Scrum Gathering – Shanghai, China – 9/14/15 – 9/16/15
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – PMI Panama Congress, Panama City, Panama – 6/24/15 – 6/25/15
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – PMI Congress, London, Ontario, Canada – 5/15/15
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – JVZoo Entrepreneur Marketing Event, San Diego, California – 3/19/15 – 3/22/15
  • Washington, D.C. Scrum User Group, Washington, D.C. – 2/17/15
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Marketers Cruise, Caribbean Cruise Ship – 1/26/15 – 1/31/15
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – PMI Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic – 11/15/14
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – UK Synergy Conference, United Kingdom – 11/13/14
  • PMI Tampa Bay Conference, Tampa, FL – 9/13/14
  • Agile Workshop, Panama – 7/11/14
  • Client Consulting, Chicago, IL – 6/30/14-7/9/14
  • PMI San Diego Conference, San Diego, CA – 5/14/14 – 5/16/14
  • Rapid Business Development, Tampa, FL – 4/25/14
  • PMI Region 7 Leadership Conference, Las Vegas, NV – 3/27/14 – 3/29/14
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Society of Automotive Engineers, Chicago, IL – 2/14/14
  • Columbia College Graduate Program on Entrepreneurship, Chicago, IL – 12/2/13
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION–PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter, Cedar Rapids, IA – 11/1/13
  • Leadership Conference, New Orleans, LA – 10/24/13-10/26/13
  • Professional Development Conference, Louisville, KY – 10/4/13
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – PMI Metro St. Louis Chapter, St. Louis, MO – 8/23/13-8/24/13
  • Agile 2013 Conference, Nashville, TN – 8/5/13-8/9/13
  • Scrum Gathering, Las Vegas, NV – 5/6/13-5/8/13
  • PMI Leadership Institute Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey – 4/16/13-4/21/13
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Women Working in Technology, Ball State University, IN – 3/20/13
  • Agile & Beyond Conference, Dearborn, MI – 3/9/13
  • Agile Indy Conference, Indianapolis, IN – 3/8/13
  • PMI Region 8 Leadership Conference, Morocco, Africa – 11/17/12-11/18/12
  • PMI NA Leadership Institute Meeting, Vancouver, B.C. – 10/18/12-10/20/12
  • Agile 2012 Conference, Dallas, Texas – 8/13/12-8/17/12
  • PMI Rochester Spring Conference, Rochester, New York – 5/24/12
  • PMI Region 2 Leadership Conference, Minneapolis, MN – 4/26/12-4/28/12
  • PMI Manitoba Spring Conference, Manitoba, Canada – 4/17/12-4/20/12
  • PMI Region 7 Leadership Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii – 3/15/12-3/19/12
  • PMI Sweden Congress, Malmö, Sweden – 3/12/12
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Chicago, Illinois – 2/29/12
  • PMI Southwestern Indiana Conference, Evansville, Indiana – 2/25/12
  • PMI Manitoba Agile Conference, Manitoba, Canada – 11/15/11-11/18/11
  • PMI Region 2 Leadership Conference, Omaha, Nebraska – 11/11/11

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