Workaholic? A 12-Step Guide for Having a Life AND Getting Things Done

If you have ever felt overworked, this book is for you. Join me in this journey to discover how you can work less and enjoy life more. Do you know a workaholic in your life? Be a good friend, Get ‘em a copy! They will thank you.

The Business Leaders’ Book Club Lessons Learned from the Recession

Hear from 60 Business Leaders on how they were able to succeed in an economic downturn.
Maria Matarelli and 59 other contributors share the lessons they learned from the recession and the secrets which helped their business thrive during this period.

101 Great Ways to Compete in Today’s Job Market

Learn about the importance of building your brand by Maria Matarelli and learn from 100 other experts on how to compete in the job market today. Gain insights that you can apply immediately in your current situation and ideas on where to aim for the future.

Building Your Future

Learn Project Management techniques for iterative development, effective approaches for management styles, and hear some war stories from Corporate America. Discover ways you can apply these techniques as you work on projects, enter the job market and jump-start your career. Get ahead of the crowd, avoid the battlegrounds and leave equipped with strategies for designing the future you want.


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Leadership Agility

Maria Matarelli delivered a Keynote Presentation at the PMI St. Louis Professional Development Conference on “Leadership and Your Agility”. See a few clips from this presentation for highlights. As a leader, remember the importance of building trust. To enhance your agility, focus on delivering value, delivering iteratively, and constantly reflecting in order to continuously improve and move toward a state of higher performance.


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Figuring Out the Work Life Puzzle

Have you ever wondered how to balance the captivity of work while grasping at fulfillment and actually living your life? Whether you’re climbing an Everest, stuck in a never-ending hamster wheel, or on a merry go round that isn’t slowing down, learn how to regain control of your schedule while everything around us seems to be speeding up. We’ll explore the boundaries of work and life, while taking a deeper look at company engagement models. Map out your context and discover how to navigate this puzzle by learning ways to reduce stress and restore harmony. Broaden your perspective then narrow your focus as we discuss key elements for figuring out the work life puzzle.


Get Access to some of Maria’s most popular presentations

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