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Announcing the Agile Marketing Academy!

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It has been really exciting to see the benefits and incredible results of Agile applied to Marketing! While applying Agile frequently in the IT and Software Development arenas, it has been exciting to explore more applications of Agile outside of IT.
After seeing great results with clients using Agile in their Marketing efforts, we launched a case study program to pull together the best practices we have seen over the last few years. We have an online program designed specifically for entrepreneurs and a 2 day in-person training course for larger organizations.
Discover more on how you can leverage Agile outside of IT, aligning other areas of the business with common language and terminology. Learn how to begin applying Agile to Marketing at your organization.
After pulling together the best practices of Agile applied to Marketing, we are excited to announce the launch of the Agile Marketing Academy!
Agile Marketing Academy Website Launch

Agile in Shanghai, China

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I had the honor of speaking at the Shanghai Scrum Gathering on the value of connecting with our customers and the importance of customer collaboration.

Maria Matarelli_Shanghai Presentation

There were so many great conversations and I had the opportunity to talk with several Agilists about the Agile Advantage they see in their use of Agile and Scrum around the world.

I had the opportunity to interview several of the speakers and agile practitioners including Joe Justice, Keynote Speaker, Founder of Wikispeed, and Trainer at Scrum Inc.

Maria Matarelli_Interview Joe Justice_Shanghai

Expert interviews include Joe Justice, Manny Gonzales, Vernon Stinebaker, Julien Mazloum, Stephen Forte, Daniel Gullo, and Jun Wang.

The Agile Advantage Interviews in Shanghai

Joe gave an incredible Keynote presentation on Scrum in Manufacturing

Joe Justice Keynote Shanghai

Stephen Forte, Managing Partner at Fresco Capital talked about Agile and Lean full circle.

Stephen Forte Keynote Shanghai

Manny Gonzales, the CEO at the Scrum Alliance talked about the State of Scrum survey results.

Manny Gonzales Keynote Shanghai

The Shangri-La venue for the Gathering was incredible and people attended from all around the world.

Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai

It was an incredible trip to Shanghai and a good refresher that the challenges we see in one location tend to be similar challenges around the world and the same good agile practices can combat those challenges to reach a level of continuous improvement and a level of higher performance.

Gotham City in Chicago

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I just arrived back in Chicago after a week in Arizona.. (What a delight!! A whole week in one location!!)

It was one of those cool Gotham City-like nights. It’s always eerie when you can’t see the tops of buildings that you normally see. I’m sure Batman is out there somewhere.

What to do on a Saturday night with one day in Chicago after being on the road for a week and transitioning to another city in a day? Absolutely nothing. I ordered carryout seafood from Eddie V’s – to include a caesar salad, lobster bisque soup, and their ever-so-divine scallops, and it was dreamy.

Gotham Chicago

Desert, DJs, Interviews and Sold out Conferences in Phoenix, Arizona

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I purchased a one-way ticket to Phoenix, primarily to attend a conference. The conference has come and gone and here I reside with the rarity of 5 days between ventures. I don’t have to be anywhere until next Tuesday where I’ll be leading a Certification training class at Microsoft in Virginia.

Phoenix, Arizona. It’s beautiful here. I forgot how beautiful it is.

I arrived in the afternoon on Saturday and tried to finalize my intro presentation for the event that began on Sunday morning, however the window of my room was literally vibrating with bass from an extremely loud pool party that was going on at the hotel/resort/casino/paradise. I worked for a minute, then figured that this was perfect case of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and headed down to the pool myself to see what all that racket was about. The DJ had his fair share of EDM/trance music, although overall, he did play some pretty good tunes.


My travels brought me to Phoenix for the Global Scrum Gathering. The conference itself was sold out at more than 700 people and I was asked to facilitate the retreat for the CSTs (Certified Scrum Trainers) and CSCs (Certified Scrum Coaches) that began on Sunday. Facilitating a room of facilitators may seem like an intimidating feat, however I decided that I was up for the challenge. It went really well and it was a really great day. To have Maria facilitate your next event, contact her here:

Maria Matarelli Facilitating Trainers and Coaches in Phoenix

At the gathering itself, I reunited with my good friends and fellow trainers, Dave Prior, Richard Cheng, Dhaval Panchel, and Tom Perry. I’ve been at the conferences where this crowd runs up to twice a year since 2009. We have formed a podcast called the “Agilistocrats” and provided a summary of presentations, previews, and highlights throughout the event.

SGPHX Podcast 1 includes a summary of Maria Matarelli leading the CST/CSC Training and Coaching Retreat and Conference Selections for Day 1:

SGPHX Podcast 2 includes a summary of Day 1 and Selections for Sessions to attend on Day 2:

Maria Matarelli Media Interview Agilistocrats Podcast Phoenix

While at the event, I was interviewed by Aakash Srinivasan and Vivek Angires, awesome Agile trainers and coaches from the D.C. area. We discussed how to become a trainer, training experiences and motivations behind training. To schedule an interview with Maria, contact her here:

Maria Matarelli Interview as Professional Speaker and Trainer

Maria Matarelli Best Selling Author Interview Phoenix

It was great to catch up at dinner with good friends and fellow Agilistas.

Maria Matarelli Phoenix Conference

I facilitated an Open Space session on Sustainable Pace, discussing challenges, current state, definition, and specific, actionable steps to take to get past the challenges. To hire Maria to speak at your organization or next event, you can contact her here:

Maria Matarelli Facilitating Open Space in Phoenix

It is always great to see good friends and Agile legends, Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson.

Maria Matarelli and Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson Agile Conference

I was interviewed by Alan Dayley on the Trainer’s retreat, facilitating an Open Space on Sustainable Pace, and my Workaholic book.

Maria Matarelli Interview with Workaholic Book Phoenix

I hosted a topic at the Open Space and presenting it to the group at the closing of the day.

Maria Matarelli Presenting at Open Space

Maria Matarelli Open Space Phoenix

Carsten Jakobsen, the Senior Process Improvement Manager at Systematic in Denmark, pulled together a great group for dinner to include Rob Carstons, Dan Greening, Stacey Louie, and Alex Brown. Lots of great discussion on Agile transitions and journeys.

Maria Matarelli Conference Networking

I had another interview with the Scrum Alliance while at the Gathering. As one of only 180 Certified Scrum Trainers in the World, it is great to be a part of this community. To learn more about Agile solutions and training that Maria and her team offer, visit

Maria Matarelli Interview by Scrum Alliance

My Workaholic Book made quite a few appearances at the event! Covering the walls of twitter by many far and wide! To get your copy, visit

Maria Matarelli Workaholic Book at SGPHX

At the close of the last day of the event, I spent the evening with the Scrum Alliance staff, board members, conference chairs, and other contributors as we celebrated the closing of a successful, sold out event! Fifteen floors up overlooking the mountains was absolutely breathtaking, though I kept wanting to dive into the infinity pool…

Maria Matarelli View in Phoenix

Maria Matarelli and Conference Coordinators Phoenix

After the gathering concluded, I figured I would ride out my one-way ticket a bit longer and took the next day to relax and also co-hosted two webinars with Greig Wells. The first one was on Business Mastery on LinkedIn. Greig is an expert on LinkedIn and gave away so many incredible techniques, it was huge value for everyone that attended!

Maria Matarelli and Greig Wells Webinar on LinkedIn

The next webinar we held was on how to apply Agile skills to develop your career. With Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) as one of the highest paying certifications in 2015, many people are finding great success in their career in learning and applying this approach.

Maria Matarelli Speaker for Agile Webinar

Now that the event is over and I finished my online presentations, it is time to relax 🙂 Meeting up with some friends in Phoenix today and will venture out to enjoy the environment. Still haven’t booked my ticket out of Phoenix yet, will see how the day unfolds. I just have to make it to Virginia by Tuesday for the next adventure.


Tampa Growth Hacking in April

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I love working with entrepreneurs and helping them discover ways to rapidly develop their business. After holding the Rapid Business Development Summit in Chicago, I realized that most entrepreneurs need help really getting momentum, getting steady cash-flow as a foundation so they can begin to build a sustainable business. I crafted this presentation to address the first part of the Growth Hacking Formula – Racing to the Next Dollar.

Maria Matarelli Presentation in Tampa

Maria Matarelli Presentation in Tampa Crowd

We also sponsored the event, holding strategy sessions with entrepreneurs throughout the weekend.

Formula Ink Booth_Tampa

Just a great group that put on this event!

Maria Team Tampa1

We were really excited to be a part of it!

Maria Team Tampa2


Agile Immersive Lab with Alistair Cockburn in Chicago

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Always looking for ways to give back to the community, I coordinated an Agile in Practice Immersive Lab in Chicago with Alistair Cockburn, co-creator of the Agile Manifesto, Aakash Srinivasan, Agile Coach and Trainer from Washington, D.C., and Larry Suda with the Palatine Group in New York, creator of the Agile simulation software program. We brought in members from the Illinois Regional Agile Users Group (IRAUG) and the local Software Development Community (SDC).

We began with an Agile simulation to set the stage and introduce and reinforce the core concepts.

Illinois Regional Agile Users Group Simulation



It was great to have Aakash Srinivasan, an experienced Agile Coach and Trainer, join us from Washington, D.C. to kick off the morning presentations!

Maria Matarelli with Alistair Cockburn and Aakash Srinivasan Agile Coaching and Training Chicago

Alistair Cockburn shared his perspective from the creation of the Agile Manifesto to where we are today.

Alistair Cockburn presents at the Illinois Regional Agile Users Group

Agile Immersive Lab in Chicago

Larry Suda presented the context for the Immersive Lab.

Larry Suda Presents Agile Project Simulation

It was a really great group and lots of valuable learning items!

Maria Matarelli with Alistair Cockburn and Agile Groups in Chicago

To learn more about Agile or to bring Agile to your organization, find out more on where to begin. Contact me at


San Diego Rapid Business Development in March

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It was great to present at the JV Zoo event in San Diego on Rapid Business Development. With a room full of entrepreneurs, sharing strategies and specific techniques that can help them rapidly grow their business.

Maria Matarelli JV Zoo Presentation

I was also invited to be a panel speaker, answering questions from the crowd on the first day.

Maria Matarelli JV Zoo Expert Panel

There was a special mastermind session held for an elite group of attendees really interested in learning more techniques to grow their business.

Maria Matarelli JV Zoo Mastermind Expert Panel

We also sponsored the event and brought our team!

Formula Ink Booth_San Diego

We have such a great team! With the right people, you can’t help but have a blast!

Formula Ink Booth_San Diego Team

We made some great friends and built lasting friendships!

Maria Matarelli and friends JV Zoo

Vegas Travels Mid March

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What do you do when you have a week between your interview in L.A. and speaking at a conference in San Diego? Well, hop on over to Vegas for a week.

Maria Matarelli Travels Las Vegas March

Thank you Via Limos for arranging my transportation in Las Vegas! Best Limo Service Ever!

Via Limos Vegas

Beautiful weather in the city that never sleeps! It’s kind of magical.


Definitely a climate better than winter and snow. Sunshine and pools? yes please!


L.A. Interview

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I had the privilege of being interviewed on a T.V. show in L.A. on how to become a best selling author.

Maria Matarelli LA Interview

After the interview, driving around L.A. I found an amazing seafood restaurant, Water Grill.

Maria Matarelli Travels LA


I met up with some friends and we spent several days near the beach.

Maria Matarelli LA Palm Trees

Just absolutely beautiful sunsets. This definitely beats the snow.

Maria Matarelli LA Beach Sunset

Ziplining through Isla Roatan, Honduras

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On the Boardroom Cruise in January 2015, one of our stops in the Caribbean was at Isla Roatan, Honduras where we went zip lining through the forest. It was an amazing experience through a forest of trees and overlooking the water and beach as we zig-zagged through the course. The slow-motion in this video shows that I didn’t actually kick over the zip line guide… there was just a lot of momentum…


The Boardroom Cruise is an annual event that emerged from the original Boardroom on the Beach group started by Maria Matarelli at Clearwater Beach, Florida, bringing business consulting to the beach for business owners and entrepreneurs to discover new strategies and techniques for rapidly growing their business. Join us on our next cruise in 2016 from January 23 – 31 where we set sail from Fort Lauderdale, FL for a Special 9-Day Voyage to the Exotic Southern Caribbean islands of Grand Turk, Aruba and Curacao! Each day is filled with just a few hours of targeted strategy sessions and the rest of the trip is an incredible blast with shore excursions and fun and relaxation on the cruise ship! We are partnering with a group of over 400+ marketing professionals, sharing some of the latest online marketing strategies. The cruise sold out this last year, so grab your cabin now while its still available! We would love to have you join us!

Get your cabin now for 2016 at: