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Maria Matarelli CSM Training Bangkok Thailand

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Training in Bangkok, Thailand

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We had a great CSM training class in Bangkok, Thailand this week!

We had several Senior Project Managers, Project Management Office (PMO) Managers, Senior Business Analysts, Practice Leads, Solution Engineers, Application Analysts, Product Owners, ScrumMasters, and Developers in our group of attendees.

Some of the feedback we heard from attendees:

“You would be amazed how much you will learn even if you have been practicing for some time.”
– Ahmad, ScrumMaster

“I liked it and will recommend anyone who wants to know more about Scrum to join.”
– Ruangyot, Front end Developer

“I think I see a more clear picture from the case study example to adapt with my team in our organization.”
– Jarupat, Application Analyst

“This class will give you an idea of what Agile means and what you can apply in your real life, not only work.”
– Natika, Senior Project Manager

Maria Agile (Bangkok) 2


Agile Class (Bangkok) 1

Agile for Social Good: Boy Scouts Using Scrum

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Enclosed is a preview of the topic that Maria Matarelli and Rick Waters will be presenting at the Global Scrum Gathering held in Orlando, Florida on April 19, 2016:
“Agile for Social Good: Boy Scouts Using Scrum”

Imagine using Scrum for social good. What impact could we make if we introduce Scrum to new groups, applications, and environments. While discussing Agile for social good in an open space session in Shanghai, we decided to teach and certify Boy Scouts and help a Veteran Not For Profit group along the way. Join us to discover how you can begin applying Agile and Scrum for social impact.

Agile Immersive Lab with Alistair Cockburn in Chicago

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Always looking for ways to give back to the community, I coordinated an Agile in Practice Immersive Lab in Chicago with Alistair Cockburn, co-creator of the Agile Manifesto, Aakash Srinivasan, Agile Coach and Trainer from Washington, D.C., and Larry Suda with the Palatine Group in New York, creator of the Agile simulation software program. We brought in members from the Illinois Regional Agile Users Group (IRAUG) and the local Software Development Community (SDC).

We began with an Agile simulation to set the stage and introduce and reinforce the core concepts.

Illinois Regional Agile Users Group Simulation



It was great to have Aakash Srinivasan, an experienced Agile Coach and Trainer, join us from Washington, D.C. to kick off the morning presentations!

Maria Matarelli with Alistair Cockburn and Aakash Srinivasan Agile Coaching and Training Chicago

Alistair Cockburn shared his perspective from the creation of the Agile Manifesto to where we are today.

Alistair Cockburn presents at the Illinois Regional Agile Users Group

Agile Immersive Lab in Chicago

Larry Suda presented the context for the Immersive Lab.

Larry Suda Presents Agile Project Simulation

It was a really great group and lots of valuable learning items!

Maria Matarelli with Alistair Cockburn and Agile Groups in Chicago

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