New Zealand Travels and Social Impact

What an amazing experience!

Traveling from L.A. –> Queenstown, NZ –> Dunedin, NZ –> Bay of Islands, NZ –> Vanuatu –> Fiji

Starting in Queenstown, New Zealand, meeting 39 incredible people, performing random acts of kindness, and exploring the city in adventure mode.

Dunedin, New Zealand, speaking on stage and DJing at the Forsyth Barr Stadium in New Zealand at the INSPIRE event to raise money for the Sophie Elliott Foundation to create awareness on preventing violence against young women.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand, staying off the grid with an indigenous tribe on a Marae for five days and bringing fresh water filters to nearby tribes.

Vanuatu, bringing fresh water filters to schools, churches, and non profit organizations and providing training for the locals on how to use them.

The best part of this trip was the inward journey and opportunities for self reflection throughout these many countries and cultures.

It was an absolute dream come true to DJ at the stadium and also DJ at the Marae with the tribe!!!

It has definitely been an adventure with an amazing group of people!! And lasting friendships for years to come.

Will be heading to Fiji tomorrow for a week of reflection and relaxation.